Welcome to our Artisan Information & Scheduling Page. This page is for approved Artisans only (meaning an Artisan that has applied & been accepted via email). If this isn't you, you can start the process by completing our application.  New booking opportunities are communicated this website and via email. Be sure to add info@farmermark.com to contacts so alerts do not go to spam folder. 


- UPDATE (August 8, 2019):  We will begin accepting SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER booking requests on Friday, August 9th @ 6AM. 
Please note a few changes to the Playa Vista market scheduling (refer to instructions at top of its survey form) stemming from its new location.
- All markets being booked manually. Submit your dates between FRIDAY, August 9TH @ 6AM AND MONDAY, AUGUST 12TH AT 10AM to be included in the first round of invitations. 1st Round Invitations will be sent by WEDNESDAY, August 14th. You must reply to the invitation email within 24 hours
- If you accidentally submit an incorrect date, be sure to resubmit your dates again for that market in full. We will always consider the most recent submission to be the correct submission.  
- You can still submit date requests after the 1st round invitation deadlines above. Requests will still be considered for any remaining openings / cancellations.
- Submitting dates DOES NOT mean you get to participate on those dates. A reservation invitation will be sent out via email if you are offered a spot.
- Market Management selects your booth location at the market. Your booth location may change each time you participate. Never assume you are in the same space. 
  Always ask the on-site manager where you are located upon market arrival.
- Unless specifically outlined via email, Artisans are responsible for their entire setup (canopy, tables, chairs, etc.).  
- Rain or Shine Policy: Markets are open rain or shine. Attendance is expected. Inclement weather does not warrant an excuse for not showing up. 
- Click on market links below to access the booking survey for SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER. Links will be live on Friday, August 9th @ 6AM.

          HERMOSA BEACH (Wednesdays 1-6)                               
WESTWOOD VILLAGE (Thursdays 12-5)                     
COSTA MESA (SOCO) (Saturdays 9-2)  
PLAYA VISTA (Saturdays 9-2)  
NEWPORT BEACH (Sundays 9-1) 

  - To submit for remaining AUGUST dates, use these links:  HERMOSA BEACH WESTWOOD VILLAGE / COSTA MESA (SOCO) /  PLAYA VISTA / NEWPORT BEACH



  • Do I need to submit a deposit to secure my bookings?

    • To secure any bookings with our organization, a $40 refundable booking deposit is required. This deposit is paid online. Instructions for payment will be included with your invitation to book dates.

  • Is my deposit refundable?

    • The deposit is refundable upon email request at the successful completion of all reserved dates or it will continue to be rolled over to your next set of bookings.

  • How do I pay my market day fees?

    • At the end of each market, you will receive paperwork in an envelope to submit your fees. You will fill out the paperwork and pay the entire fee due that day (deposits are not to be applied to market fees). Should you have any paperwork or payment questions at the market, please direct them to the on-site Manager. All market fees are paid on-site (cash only) at the end of each market day. Fees are 12% of sales or market minimum (whichever is greater). Minimum fees are outlined in the market surveys above (and listed on your invitation). Failure to pay properly in cash on-site will incur a $10 administrative fee. Be sure to bring cash to cover fees in case your sales are primarily credit card transactions.



  • What are the potential fees am I responsible for once I confirm a reservation?

    • Upon confirmation, your reservation is considered a contract with us and all absence and late notification fees will apply.

  • What are the cancellation fees?

    • Cancellations more than 72 hours prior to the market: Artisan will be charged 50% of that reservation's minimum fee.

    • Cancellations more than 1 hour (less than 72 hours) prior to the market: Artisan will be charged 100% that reservations minimum fee.

    • "No Show" (failure to cancel via email a minimum of one hour before market open): Artisan charged that booth's minimum fee PLUS a $20 "no-show" fee.

    • Future reservations and booking privileges will be revoked until any fees owed are collected. At market management's discretion, additional fees owed can be collected from the booking deposit. Cancellations of any type may impact future booking privileges.

  • Is the market "rain or shine"?

    • Yes, our markets are open rain or shine. Attendance is always expected. Inclement weather does not warrant an excuse for not showing up. In the event Market Management closes the market (which will be communicated via email) or adjusts fees based on the conditions, only those vendors in attendance will receive the benefit of such fee adjustments.

  • How do I cancel a reservation?

    • All cancellations must be done via email (info@farmermark.com).



  • I've booked a market date. What do I need to know for the actual market day?

    • Click here to access the Standard Operating Procedures for each of our markets, which contains market address and important logistics procedures (arrival time, parking information, etc. Any additional logistics procedures required may be emailed separately.

    • Your initial confirmation email serves as your assurance that you are on the market's schedule. Please have access to that email on your phone or via paper in case of any questions concerning your participation.

    • Unless specifically outlined via email, Artisans are responsible for their entire setup (canopy, tables, chairs, etc.).



  • How do I get a reservation?

    • Artisan scheduling is based on a request/invitation system. Currently, artisans receive an email from us every two months with links to quick surveys that allow for submission of desired dates for the subsequent two months. For example, in October, our artisans received an email with surveys of desired dates for November and December. Once artisans submit their desired dates, they will receive invitations based on overall scheduling and availability. Some things to help with this process: 1) Be sure to add our email (info@farmermark.com) to your contacts list so that our messages don't go to your junk folder. Remember that the emails are not absolutely necessary as you can always visit this page for up-to-date information. 2) When we send initial invitations (as well as invitations that may arise from cancellations or other circumstances down the line), we always refer to the requested dates that artisans have submitted online via our survey. We do not respond to email requests asking about availability. Your initial invitation will reflect all of the available spaces we are able to offer you at that time.

  • How can I succeed at your markets?

    • Great question! We absolutely want you to succeed. Our goal is to support all things local, which includes our great local artisans. Here are some helpful tips for our organization.
      - Be a great teammate: A successful market happens when everyone works together. One rotten apple can ruin the day, so please be flexible, positive, and supportive. Work with us, not against us.
      - Be low maintenance: We've created our system with care and are able to work more quickly and efficiently with those who follow our protocols and procedures. The easier it is to work together, the more we're able to work together!
      - Support our farmers: Farmers' markets exist because of our farmers so always keep this in mind.
      - Do well: We naturally are drawn to vendors that do well in sales, marketing and drawing in customers.

  • I emailed in requesting availability but haven't heard back?

    • We believe your answers can be found on this page. We wish we had the staffing resources to respond to every email received but we unfortunately are just a small team managing many vendors. We've worked hard and spent our resources to create an efficient booking system (outlined above). As a result, it is our practice to not respond to individual email requests asking about availability. Please consider this when submitting your date requests through the artisan survey. When we have availability, we always refer to the Booking Surveys to find an artisan.

  • I would like to speak with someone. Do you have a phone number?

    • For efficiency, we handle everything via email. This allows us to have a paper trail to properly keep track of all our vendors and minimize any communication errors. Please remember that you can always speak with our on-site managers at the market to get further clarification on any questions you might have. If doing so, please be considerate of the manager's duties during set-up and take down. Always best to engage them during the middle of the market.

  • I never received an email about submitting my dates?

    • Make sure our email (info@farmermark.com) is added to your contacts list so that they don't go to your junk folder. Remember that the emails are not absolutely necessary as you can always visit this webpage for up to date information.

  • I would like my deposit back. What do I do?

    • Email us at info@farmermark.com requesting your deposit back. If you have properly fulfilled your reservations, we will refund promptly.