FM101 Farm Tours

Each season, we like to host trips to a local farm to meet the farmers and learn more about their sustainable practices. Tours are lead by Farmer Mark and include an educational seminar and recipe ideas relevant to that farm. 

FM 101 Neighborhood Series

Farmer Mark brings his educational program to a local business for lessons or seminars to educate the community. Whether its a brief speech at juice shop on the importance of locally grown produce, a lesson on the benefits of grass fed beef at a farm-to-table restaurant, or an educational seminar for members of a local yoga studio, Farmer Mark can bring his knowledge and expertise to the community!

FM 101 Boardroom Series

Farmer Mark brings his educational program to the boardroom for executive consulting, team building or a human resources program. Employers and employees will learn everything from how food is grown to how it is sold and consumed, with a goal of encouraging healthy and sustainable eating habits for the greater good of the company.

Private Market Tours

Whether paired with a Boardroom Series or a Neighborhood Workshop, groups can also be lead on a guided tour of the Farmer’s Market. They will learn what to look for in a market, what questions to ask the farmers, and the stories behind some of our local vendors, while taste-testing fresh produce and learning ideas and recipes for how to prepare them. 

Private At-Home Consulting

Farmer Mark is available to host private classes or consultations in-home for small groups or individuals. Hosts may coordinate a healthy happy hour with Mark as a guest speaker, teaching guests lessons and tips for healthy eating and navigating farmers' markets in the intimate setting of their own home.