Farmer Mark is dedicated to teaching kids and their families about healthy eating. Our non-profit organization, Sprouts of Promise, strives to partner with local schools to bring the lessons of the market to students.

Farmer Mark Classroom Lessons

Farmer Mark teaches lessons on healthy eating and farming as a guest speaker in the classroom

Classroom to Market Series

Students get a special guided tour of the market with hand-on lessons and activities.

Farmer to Classroom Event

Farmer Mark brings a special guest farmer (and sometimes a goat!) to an assembly for a fun and interactive presentation.

School Garden Program

Farmer Mark can lend his expertise to consult on a School Garden program, making gardening and farming an integrated lesson in the curriculum. 

Family Farmers’ Market 101 Classes

Healthy eating is a family affair! Farmer Mark offers parents a chance to get involved with family-driven lessons and informational seminars for the whole family.