Farmers Market 101: 5 Questions to Ask Your Farmer

Food plays a huge role in health and well-being, so it is important to get the quality you deserve. Frustratingly, it’s often difficult to get questions answered from your local restaurant or grocery store. I know my questions to waiters are often received with a glare of inconvenience. Fortunately, the local farmers’ market is a different story.

Farmers’ market vendors love inquisitive customers so ask away. Don’t know what to ask? We can help. Firstly, remember that no genuine question is a bad question, so don’t be shy!

We like to keep things simple so we stick with the 5 W’s (the good ole’ who, what, where, when & why).

Who is the farmer?
What chemicals, if any, were used?
Where is the farm located?
When was the produce picked?
Why should or shouldn’t I buy organic? 

Bonus Questions – the How:

How do I pick the best one?
How do I prepare this?
How do I store this?

With questions like these, you’ll quickly find the farmers’ market is not just a place to pick up your groceries.  It’s a place to cultivate relationships with your food sources. Next time you are at your local farmers market, spend an extra minute to inquire about your purchase.  We know they will appreciate your curiosity and will likely remember you the next time you come to see them!!