Farmers Market 101: Market Tips

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There are many tips and tricks to smart shopping at the farmers’ market. These tips allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck, and have the best experience possible. We’re letting you in on a few of our top tips. Keep these in mind next time your shopping at your local farmers’ market.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm: This is one of our most important tips. If the market opens at 9, get there at 9! Being one of the first customers will allow you to pick from the farmers’ full selection. You might be missing out on an incredible item that always sells out within the first hour.
  2. Go Big: Why not buy a whole flat of tomatoes or strawberries? If one of your favorite fruits or vegetables is in season and is looking juicy and delicious, go for it. You can always freeze or can them! Buying in bulk can often come with a nice discount. Politely ask the farmer about bulk deals available.
  3. Experiment: We all have our favorite farmer at a specific market, but don’t forget to explore. Challenge yourself to try at least one new vendor each week at your market. You might just find your new favorite item.
  4. Get Friendly: Farmers sell at the market not only to share their crops, but to get to know their customers! They love interacting and answering your questions, so don’t be shy! If your curious about their farming practices or what a certain crop is, go ahead and ask them! TIP: Remember your vendor’s name the following week and greet him with a friendly, “Morning, (insert name)!”
  5. Bring the Green: Most farmers operate on a cash only basis, so don’t forget to stop at an ATM before heading to the market. And keep in mind that small bill work best.