Celebrating the Honey Bee

Where would we be without the honey bee? It's a scary thought, and it's not just the sweet honey we would miss—it would be the more than 100 crops that are pollinated by these busy bees (almonds, apples, broccoli, carrots, citrus, onions....). An estimated 50-80 percent of the world's food supply is affected by bee pollination.

In recent years, the honey bee population has been in decline and scientists point to pesticide use and climate change as contributing factors. Thankfully, environmental organizations and others are working to save the bees. The organizers of National Honey Bee Day are among those raising awareness of the honey bee's struggle and one of their recommendations is to support local bee keepers. Done! That's something we do at our certified farmers' markets, where you'll find bee keepers and purveyors of local honey and its by-products.

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Honey at our certified farmers' markets:

Energy Bee Farm at our Monterey Park Farmers' Market

Bee Ladies Honey at SOCO Farmers' Market and Newport Beach Farmers' Market

 LSG Honey at  Playa Vista Farmers' Market and Hermosa Beach Farmers' Market