Farmers Market 101: Market Faux-Pas

We’ve already discussed our top tips and tricks to get the most of your farmers’ market experience. Next up is our advice for what not to do at the market! Every market is different and unique, but these tips go for all markets across the board. Being mindful of the following will make each and every farmers’ market that more enjoyable for everyone! Here are our top 5 no-no’s:

  1. Don’t over bargain: Bargains are all around the farmers’ market. From free samples, rounding down of transaction totals and the occasional free extra piece of produce, generosity abounds. Be grateful and don’t try to take advantage of the generous and casual nature of your farmers. They work extremely hard to provide the freshest and most nutritious food, and deserve every penny, which represents an investment in your community and local food system.
  2. Don’t be in a rush: Life is sometimes crazy, and we understand that we live in a fast paced environment. However, one of the main charms of a farmers’ market is its slow, leisurely place. It’s an outdoor area meant for community gathering and relaxation, so give yourself time to walk around, talk to farmers and neighbors, and pick your perfect produce.
  3. Don’t litter: Samples often come with a toothpick or mini cup. Avoid the easy temptation to toss it (or the remains of that strawberry top) on the ground. Be respectful to the market and the earth by placing trash in the bins.
  4. Don’t be above market regulations: Market staff loves your pet but we have a duty to make sure the market is compliant with all health and agriculture department regulations. Don’t get upset when we ask you to obey them too. Unfortunately, pets are currently not allowed. Your pet is adorable but if it comes in contact with a vendor’s produce that vendor must toss it out, resulting in a loss of income.