Gifts for Moms who have it all...

Our five weekly Farmers’ Market offers great gift options for moms who have a preference for practical gifts, or special treats, or even experience-based gifts. Here’s a few gift ideas that are tried, true, and mom-approved!

And moms, if you’re the one reading this, you have full permission to treat yourself to following items too!
A vendor guide is included at the end of the list!

Treat her to Brunch or Lunch at the Market!
All of our markets feature food vendors who can prepare something yummy to enjoy together!

Spa Day Gift Set
Give her the gift of multiple spa days with the help of our bath and body vendors in our Market’s Artisan Row. From natural lotions and scrubs, to rejuvenating skin care items, candles, and more, you can build a gift set you know she’ll love, smells and all. Multiple days of pampering is calling!

Fresh Flowers
This one might be obvious but we wouldn’t miss the chance to show off beautiful blooms from the market! And while they won’t stay around forever you can always press them, hang the bouquet around the house, or stamp the leaves + flowers onto paper for a one-of-a-kind print! Find them from the following growers at their respective markets.

Tote bag or Market Goodie Basket
One can simply never have too many veggies – or jars of local honey! Go ahead and stuff one of our extra-large Farmer Mark Extra-Durable Canvas Totes (available for purchase at the info booth), or use a basket or cart of your own, and fill it with unique varieties that you won’t find in the super market! See exactly what we’re talking in our vendor guide at the end…

Gift card to the Market!
Or let Mom choose which seasonal products she wants to use and how much she wants to get with a market gift card. Include one of our special Chef to Farmer Recipes with the gift card to give her a taste of what items local Chefs love from our market. Gift cards are available at our Info Booth at your requested price.





  • Skyline Growers: Hermosa Beach, Westwood Village, Playa Vista

  • Maldonado Growers: Newport Beach. (They are known for stunning hydroponically grown Gerber Daisies!)


* Vendor attendance is subject to change.