An Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!

Get kids exploring the market, learning about fruits and veggies, and our farmers at the Market for Earth Day.

Write or draw the answer for a prize from our Info Booth!

  1. Find a purple fruit or vegetable. Name it or draw it!

  2. Find a green food that you have not tasted before.  Name it or draw it!

  3. Find something that grows underground. Name it or draw it!

  4. Ask a farmer what time they woke up this morning & how long it took them to get to the market. Answer in time or distance:
    * Fact: The average supermarket produce travels 1,500 miles!

  5. What booth is the Take a Bag, Leave a Bag basket next to?  *Fact: 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second!

Download the scavenger hunt here and print at home, or get one at the info tent! (1).gif